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Group coaching workshop – Finding work that works – 4 week workshop for women who want to return to work.

13th June – 4th July @11am – 12:30pm
17th June – 8th July @11am – 12:30pm

So that these group coaching workshops can be effective and create a safe space, they are limited to only four spaces for each event.

Have you been a stay at home mum for some time now and are thinking about returning to work ??

Is your maternity leave coming to an end and you’re wondering if you want to go back to that job ??

Have you taken a career break and are now looking to get into something completely different ??

Rebooting / restarting / reshaping our careers takes real investment in ourselves as we evaluate who we are, what is motivating us to change, and finding the courage to put ourselves out there and take action.

Everyone of us has different needs, values, motivations, interests, skills and experiences. This is not about me telling you what jobs are out there, but supporting you to develop career management skills that will enable you to find work that works for you, and going about it with confidence. Whether that is applying for jobs, being part of a franchise, or creating your own business.

We have to learn to be patient, open to opportunities, talk to new people, be prepared for challenges, and be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Working with a coach can help you to stay motivated, develop your self-awareness, resilience, tenacity, find ways to grow, and take action.

Workshop format

This workshop is online and spread across four weeks. You can sign up to the Monday or Friday group, but not switch between the two.

Each session will run for 60-90 minutes and will consist of activities and discussions. We will spend a short time debriefing at the end of each session and looking ahead. There will be activities to do between sessions that will require approximately 1hour of your time.

The workshop is designed to follow the schedule below:

Week 1 – Getting to know each other, setting the scene and setting out how we will work as a group to ensure a safe and supportive environment.

We’ll start exploring what your motivations and challenges are, visualising what ‘work’ needs to look and feel like for you, and what your readiness for getting back to work is.

Week 2 – Developing self-awareness and decision making. Exploring mindset, looking at identity, values, strengths and transferable skills. Exploring your transition and transformation.

Week 3 – Starting to formulate some short term and long term goals, what might prevent you from achieving them. What information, support, tools do you need to start working towards these goals. Building resilience.

Week 4 – Discussing key career management skills and techniques. Bringing it all together. Setting out next steps.

Invest in your development to join this 4 week workshop.

Why group coaching?

Group coaching is about creating an environment for self-discovery, decision making and taking action. These sessions will be facilitated by an experienced coach, and you’ll also benefit from the learning and exploration of the other participants. You will be part of a small, supportive, non judging, kindly curious group of women who will combine their wisdom, ideas, passion and knowledge with each other.

When you sign up to this event, you’ll receive a confirmation email and Zoom invites to all four of the workshops.

Sign up to my 1 hour taster session here: https://www.eventbrite.com/cc/finding-work-that-works-careers-workshops-341709

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