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Taster session for my 4 week online workshop: Finding work that works – career group coaching workshop for women

23rd May @11am
8th June @1pm


Inspiring women to find work that works. This is session is for women who want to get back to work but are unsure what, where or how.


About this event

Have you been a stay at home mum for some time now and are thinking about returning to work ??Is your maternity leave coming to an end and you’re wondering if you want to go back to that job ??Have you taken a career break and are now looking to get into something completely different ??

Rebooting / restarting / reshaping our careers takes real investment in ourselves as we evaluate who we are, what is motivating us to change, and finding the brave to put ourselves out there and take action.

Everyone of us has different needs, values, motivations, interests, skills and experiences. This is not about me telling you what jobs are out there, but supporting you to develop career management skills that will enable you to find work that works for you, and going about it with confidence. Whether that is applying for jobs, being part of a franchise, or creating your own business.We have to learn to be patient, open to opportunities, talk to new people, be prepared for challenges, and be comfortable with being uncomfortable.Working with a coach can help you to stay motivated, develop your self-awareness, resilience, tenacity, find ways to grow, and take action.

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