Sarah, based in London, UK.


Sarah wanted to explore whether she should quit her job to focus on her nutrition business.


Tax Consultant and small business owner

Chosen coaching programme

Career coaching (4 sessions).

Duration of coaching

Two months.

Coaching objective

To explore whether she should, or could quit her day job to focus full time on her nutrition business.


  • Online video calls.
  • Exploratory conversations.
  • Exercises to aid thinking and decision making and preparing for conversations.
  • Setting achievable goals.

Results as reported by client

  • Successfully working through various scenarios.
  • Gaining confidence to make decisions and have difficult conversations.
  • Found a way to move forward with her business, reach her goals.
  • Increased happiness


“Marie enabled me to work through the feelings that were holding me back from moving to a completely different job role, and also work through the different scenarios that I was worried about. My sessions with Marie gave me the confidence I needed to change things up, and as a result I was able to launch my own nutrition business. I’m now so much happier and I genuinely have Marie to thank for this.”

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