James (based in London, UK).


James wanted leadership coaching and business mentoring to evolve his social enterprise.


Social Entrepreneur and Chief Executive of Generation Success.

Chosen coaching programme

Duration of coaching

Two years + (ongoing)

Coaching objective

To develop James’s leadership skills so that he could grow his team, to look at how his business could be scaled up, and how to lead his team through the pandemic to ensure his own and his team’s wellbeing.


  • Monthly conversations.
  • Online and face to face.
  • Sessions lead by the client’s needs.
  • Exploratory conversations.
  • Preparing for workplace conversations.

Results as reported by client

  • Becoming a stronger leader.
  • Successfully navigating and growing his business through the pandemic.
  • Evolving the business to be aligned with the current ways of working.
  • Building a a strong team.


“Marie has been a fantastic coach, mentor, trainer to me. Her guidance has enabled me to navigate covid and come out as a stronger leader and Generation Success as a stronger more well equipped organisation. Her in-depth knowledge of people and culture has been an instrumental piece in this. Her insights have enabled us to turn a once old school organisation into a 21st century fully remote team. Navigating the change and putting the right foundations for happy cohesive virtual team. We have grown to 15 people and expanded to cover Ireland as well as the United Kingdom.”

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I’ve been a career coach since 2011, as part of my senior roles at PWC, the multinational professional services network.

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