Mark (not his real name) based in London, UK.


After completing his MSc, Mark is exploring where this can take him and his career.


Senior Marketing Consultant

Chosen coaching programme

Career coaching (3 sessions).

Duration of coaching

Two months.

Coaching objective

Exploring what he wants to do, and what the options are with his newly completed MSc. Getting an understanding of what it takes and how to approach a complete career change.


  • Exploratory conversations around self-awareness.
  • Exploratory conversations around career / job searching skills and activities.
  • Using exercises to aid thinking and decision making.
  • Preparing for conversations.
  • Setting achievable goals.

Results as reported by client

  • Increased self-awareness.
  • Improved job searching skills.
  • Increased awareness of career options.
  • Improved wellbeing.


“I was pretty lost as to how to go about tackling a career change. Marie’s coaching gave me the space and the tools to approach the problem. With Marie’s guidance, I (possibly for the first time!) took a close look at my values, thought about how to make sure they’re aligned with my goals and came up with some strategies for making the changes I want, while also prioritising my wellbeing. I’ve come out of the process feeling much better prepared for this change.”

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I’ve been a career coach since 2011, as part of my senior roles at PWC, the multinational professional services network.

Now, I’m an independent career coach and wellbeing consultant…

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