Paul (based in Edinburgh, Scotland).


Paul had lots of questions around his career direction that he wanted to talk through.


Head of Sales UK

Chosen coaching programme

Life, Wellness & Career coaching (3 sessions, ongoing).

Duration of coaching

Three months.

Coaching objective

To explore what direction he wanted to take his career.


  • Online video calls.
  • Regular monthly career / life coaching sessions.
  • Coaching topics led by client.

Results as reported by client

  • Increased self-awareness.
  • Clarity on career decisions.
  • Clarity on life priorities.


“Marie is an exceptional coach. I was immediately comfortable having conversations about my career and ambitions. She taught the importance of patience, and helped me reflect on how my mental health plays a big part in my decision making. I’m very grateful for her coaching after having a tough year. I’d recommend Marie to anyone who has a busy head, or busy life and needs a little support to get on track.”

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I’ve been a career coach since 2011, as part of my senior roles at PWC, the multinational professional services network.

Now, I’m an independent career coach and wellbeing consultant…

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