Coaching client: Ellie

Ellie (not her real name), owns a health and wellbeing business on Harley Street, London, UK.

Overview: back to business after the pandemic

Ellie had been managing her business through the pandemic whilst a number of her employees were on furlough. It was time to bring the team back and be a leader again.

Results as reported by client

  • Successfully working through a number of ‘blocks’.
  • Feeling empowered about her decision making and have difficult conversations.
  • Found a way to move forward with her business, reach her goals.
  • Rebuilt trust in her team’s abilities.

Ellie says

I really valued the time with Marie during a particularly challenging time for my business ‘post’ COVID -19. Marie was not only patient, kind and understanding but also challenging in the best possible way! Sessions with her helped me tap into my own skills and focus on the task at hand by breaking things down into small sections. Marie understands working with small business owners and the pressure that often brings. I found the coaching sessions always uplifting, moving me from a place of ‘I don’t know what to do next’ into ‘I’ve got this’ in just a few hours.”

How we helped: coaching process

Career coaching

Duration of coaching: Two months

  • Online video calls.
  • Sessions lead by the client’s needs.
  • Exploratory conversations.
  • Exercises to aid thinking and decision making.
  • Preparing for workplace conversations.
  • Setting achievable goals.

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