Coaching client: Talli

A career coaching case study about Talli (not her real name), based in Leeds, UK.

Overview: transitioning to a new role

Talli, a Global Diversity Senior Associate, wanted help transitioning to a new role which involved a completely different way of working. 

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Results as reported by client

  • Successfully assimilating into her new role and team environment.
  • Gaining confidence in professional and personal life.
  • Getting prepared for promotion opportunities.

Talli says

“I was coached by Marie for almost 2 years as I transitioned to a completely new area of work. 

I really value Marie’s coaching style [and]… always come away from our sessions feeling motivated and driven. I noticed that when my confidence started growing in my work life, this translated and began to impact how I felt in my personal life.

I like the way that Marie does not pass judgement on a situation, she is neutral and unbiased which really allowed me to share openly about challenges I faced or situations where things had not gone to plan.”

How we helped: coaching programme

Career coaching and mentoring (monthly sessions with adhoc conversations).

Duration of coaching: Two years.

Coaching process:

  • Online video calls.
  • Regular monthly career coaching sessions. 
  • Coaching topics led by client.
  • Adhoc mentoring conversations separate from coaching sessions.
  • Setting achievable goals.

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