Caitlin (based in New York, US).


Caitlin had a dream career in mind and coaching helped her to discover her strengths, set out a plan, and find the brave to quit her job.

Coaching review


Global Talent and Impact Manager in professional services

Chosen coaching programme

Career coaching (ongoing).

Duration of coaching

1+ years

Coaching objective

Caitlin’s coaching journey took her through exiting her role in professional services to give herself the time and headspace to focus on her dream career. Our coaching continues to support and motivate Caitlin on this journey – taking small steps, setting realistic and achievable goals, and being open to opportunities when they present themselves and confident enough to snap them up.


  • Online video calls.
  • Regular monthly career coaching sessions.
  • Coaching topics led by client.
  • Adhoc mentoring conversations separate from coaching sessions.
  • Setting achievable goals.
  • Increase confidence at work and in personal life.
  • Improved mindset.
  • Improved self-awareness.

Results as reported by client

  • Increased self-awareness.
  • Improved confidence.
  • Focused on new career path.
  • Putting herself forward for new opportunities.
  • New career in progress.


“I deeply value the time Marie spent with me as she coached me through my career change. Marie was generous with her knowledge and made me feel supported. She was flexible with her time and always followed through on our scheduled appointments. Our coaching sessions were truly inspiring and turned into so much more than I thought possible! She listened and understood without judgement and provided a thoughtful and practical perspective. Marie helped me to build confidence in myself and bring my strengths to the surface as I start a new chapter in my life. She worked with me to build a plan at my own pace and always saw the best in me even when I didn’t quite see it in myself.”

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I’ve been a career coach since 2011, as part of my senior roles at PWC, the multinational professional services network.

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