I’m a Workplace Wellbeing and Career Coach who brings personal, professional and academic learning from my own chequered career path.

I support my clients in navigating, developing and transforming their careers and wellbeing.

Marie Chequer career coach

A Workplace Wellbeing & Career Coach with a Masters in Organisational Psychology.

I have 11+ years experience working at PwC Professional Services where I led the Global Wellbeing CoE – a global community of ~150 local wellbeing teams – through the pandemic.

During this time, I was a career coach and mentor to a wide range of employees, external SME business owners and entrepreneurs – helping them to achieve their business and wellness goals.

I now run My Chequered Career which is a boutique business offering private and corporate clients wellbeing consultancy and coaching services to transform their careers, their lives, and their business.

Marie is.. people centric, offers practical solutions, shows empathy, is inclusive and collaborative, she creates trusted connections, challenges perceptions, leaves you with positive and uplifting results, enables wellbeing.

I empower my clients to take control of their careers through identifying career development opportunities, managing career progression, dealing with workplace challenges, navigating career change, improving work-life-balance, developing a positive mindset, and preventing burnout.

Working with employees to support them through organisational change, work challenges, career development, motivation and engagement, develop a positive mindset, enhance wellbeing.

I work with leaders to create a workplace culture that enables employees to be healthy, work sustainably, and supports their professional development. Working collaboratively with my clients to create a wellbeing strategy that is driven by data, people centric, and offers practical solutions.


My clients:

  • Recognise that wellbeing is core to their success.
  • See this opportunity for change as an investment.
  • Are prepared to be challenged.
  • Understand the power of commitment.
  • Are seeking self-reflection and personal growth.
  • Commit to the coaching process.
  • Are open and honest.
  • Are willing to adopt a positive outlook.
  • Take accountability for their goals, action steps, decisions, and results.
  • Share feedback on the coaching process and what they need from me.

​​You can expect me to:

  • Partner with you for your success.
  • Encourage and support you.
  • Be authentic and non-judgmental.
  • Work collaboratively with you to get the best out of our working together.
  • Keep the sessions focused on your desired outcome.
  • Ask powerful questions.
  • Listen actively.
  • Stimulate your self-awareness.
  • Challenge you to break through self-limiting beliefs that will enable you to be successful.
  • Provide insights, perspectives, and tools to facilitate goal setting, strategy, and execution
  • Hold you accountable for completing your action steps