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Helping people thrive in a fast paced world
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  • Sarah wanted to explore whether she should quit her job to focus on her nutrition business.

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  • Talli wanted help transitioning to a new role which involved a completely different way of working. 

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  • Anna wanted to feel more confident about being the expert in her new role and external network.

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  • Ellie had been managing her business through the pandemic. It was time to bring the team back and be a leader again.

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“The Only Constant in Life Is Change.”
– Heraclitus

Change is all around us, whether we like it or not. The workplace is a fast changing environment. The people around us change. We change.

My mission as a Workplace Wellbeing and Career Coach is to help my clients not just survive change, but thrive in it!

Here’s the thing – we can invoke change, and change can be ‘done to us’. How we view change, respond to it, and take action is up to us.

I work with my clients and empower them to take control of their careers through identifying career development opportunities, managing career progression, dealing with workplace challenges, navigating career change, improving work-life-balance, developing a positive mindset, and preventing burnout.

I offer consultations and coaching via video call, or for face-to-face meetings, I’m based in London, UK, and travel internationally.

On this website, you can find out more about my career coaching and other events, read case studies,
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